Our company executes air freight forwarding by regular and charter flights for companies and private persons. We guarantee high quality of provided services, as well as we provide transit flights in the case if direct flights can not be provided.

We execute all services in processing and transportation of cargoes during air freight forwarding:

Delivery of cargoes by road transport to/ from airport, including under custom control.

Registration of cargoes (weighing, measuring, marking, registration of cargo invoice).

Transit custom registration.

Insurance of cargoes.

Preliminary agreement is required for transportation of heavy cargoes (above 80 kg).

Price of air freight forwarding and custom registration is calculated separately for each type of cargo.


The company “EUROIMPEХ” executes import and export maritime traffic from European and Asian ports, as well as from the ports of Russia (Saint Petersburg, Novorossisk, Vladivostok) with the possibility to transport cargoes from the port to the destination point by railway transport or road transport to the countries of Central Asia, Europe and the CIS.


Road freight forwarding allows to deliver cargoes rapidly and effectively in accordance with “door to door” policy. Our company’s specialists will offer optimal route, despite cargoes location.
Executing road freight forwarding, the company “EUROIMPEX” provides such additional services:

Provision of truck to loading place at determined time.

Execution of all import – export and shipping documents (EX 1, TIR, CMR).

Delivery of cargoes to the custom terminal or directly to the warehouse of the recipient.

Cargoes insurance against all risks.

Delivery of loaded containers from rail station to the warehouse of the recipient.

Monitoring of cargoes movement during road freight forwarding.


Railway transportation is the most suitable option for large cargoes land delivery. Besides minimization of charges, this type of freigt forwarding has the following advantages:

High safety of cargoes (cargoes are transported in sealed containers, freight cars under permanent control).

There are no weight limitations (it is possible to transport small parties of cargoes and large-size cargoes).

Various rolling stocks allow transporting of any types of cargoes.

The company “EUROIMPEХ” offers to the clients an organization of railway freight forwarding on the territory of the CIS, the Baltic States and Europe.
“EUROIMPEХ” executes railway freight forwarding, offering to the clients the following services:

Development of optimal scheme of railway freight forwarding.

Selection of most advantageous rates from loading place to unloading place.

Selection and provision of necessary rolling stock to loading place.

Execution of transport documentation.

Monitoring of cargo movement (including during borders crossing) with possibility to inform a client about cargoes location.

Cargoes insurance; it is possible to organize cargoes security on separate stages or during all freight forwarding.

Organization of transportation of oversized cargoes.


Multimodal freight forwarding is freight forwarding executed by different types of transport: road transport, railway transport, sea transport, air transport.
The specialists of company “EUROIMPEХ” develop individual logistic schemes for freight forwarding, advantageously combining different types of transport. They take into consideration not only speed of delivery, but also safety of cargoes during transportation and reloading of cargoes from one type of transport to other.
The company executes the following actions during multimodal freight forwarding:

Continuous monitoring of every freight unit during freight forwarding.

Co-ordinating of actions with cargo from the moment of loading on storage of the sender to the moment of delivery to the recipient.

Arranging multimodal schemes of cargo delivery in accordance with individual requests, cargoes descriptions, and place of delivery.


Container freight forwarding is the most comfortable and reliable method of cargoes transportation on large distances, when it is necessary to use different types of transport. Container freight forwarding can be executed by railway transport, sea transport and road transport.
The company “EUROIMPEХ” executes container freight forwarding from the countries of Central Asia, the CIS and Europe.
Executing the order on container freight forwarding, the company “EUROIMPEХ” undertakes to organize the transportation and coordinate the participants of transport process on every stage:

Arranging logistic schemes of freight forwarding, calculation of freight forwarding, cargoes insurance.

Delivery of empty container to the cargo shipper.

If it is necessary to organize loading – unloading and sealing of container in loading place.

Control of cargoes safety during loading – unloading on terminals and during transportation process.

Executing customs formalities for clearance of cargoes with customs.

Unloading of container and cargoes delivery to the storage of cargo receiver.


The company “EUROIMPEX” offers to the clients a full range of services in transportation of consolidated cargoes in any directions. Consolidated cargoes are kept on our warehouse in Riga and on warehouses of our partners in Lithuania. Warehouses for consolidated cargoes are equipped by modern loading – unloading technique.
Delivery terms and prices are determined individually for every client depending on urgency of delivery and cargoes amount.


The company “EUROIMPEX” offers storage of dry cargoes on our storage in Riga (72 000 cub. m).
Railway branch line in premises of warehouse allows simultaneous loading of 10 carriages.
Open territory of warehouse, freight platform allows simultaneous loading of 16 trucks.

Organization of cargoes transportation in carriages.

Payment for services of the freight forwarder.

Freight forwarding on the territory of the CIS, Europe and Central Asia.

Re-weighing and data comparison with “incoming” documents.

Photographing of fastening, loading, unloading processes for all types of transportations.

Optimization of invoices.

Cargoes sorting on warehouse.

Our company will execute all station operations, accepting or sending your cargoes in carriages, trucks and containers.

Warehouse comfortable location – only 3 kilometres to Riga commercial port.

Distance to Riga International Airport only 9 km.

Customs brokerage services

Dear partners!

Our company is constantly expanding the range of its activities. We clearly know that it is necessary for our customers, and we try to fully satisfy their needs.
And for this reason, we are pleased to inform you that from February 20, 2017 a new service in our company:
Customs brokerage services.

What’s its job?
1. Consultation on management of foreign economic activity.
2. Provision of customs carrier service.
3. The classification of goods in conformity with the HS.
4. Preliminary calculation of customs payments.
5. The electronic declaration of goods (EPI)
6. Certification of goods and other permissive documents required for customs clearance.
7. Organization of the logistics process.
8. Cargo insurance for the transport.
9. Preparation of documents for obtaining preliminary classification decisions on the classification of goods.
10. Extensive consultations on all issues and optimization of customs payments.
“We are watching the market and analyze the needs of its customers to meet their expectations.
Therefore, everyone can always contact us and get detailed information on all the company’s services.

Survey, consulting

Survey, consulting

Survey – this is an inspection of something. In the past, this procedure applied only to sea-going vessels, today it has spread to all modes of transport. Survey conducted by the surveyor – an independent technical expert. In particular, the vessel is inspected for compliance with international standards and readiness for safe transportation of cargo.
Typically, survey services are provided in or near sea ports. Today, inspection of the cargo is a necessary measure, insuring the shipper from the loss or damage of cargo. Surveyors implement all the necessary measurements and calculations, carry out photo and video surveillance, execute the documentary support of the transportation process.
In the event of a conflict, surveyors from different companies, as well as insurers, meet together and look for solutions to the problem that has arisen.
Today, each surveyor works independently. He prepares a report for his client, which describes the sequence of events he witnessed, and provides an analysis of the situation. All necessary documents are attached to the report. Thus, the surveyor acts as an independent witness, fixing the situation and providing all the important information in the event of a conflict
With the independence of the company, it is also connected with the fact that after inspections, in addition to the customs stamp and stamp of the sender or supplier, the surveyor’s stamps are also “hung”. In addition to the stamps, as a means of control, survey companies are increasingly using stand-alone devices placed in the vehicle and fixing the change in parameters during transportation. In the future, in the case of “surprises” during unloading or regular inspection, deciphering the data of these devices allows us to find out the time and the reason for the changes with the cargo.
Increasingly, these devices are supplemented with a trekker function that allows you to track the location of the container. In the transport sector, independent surveyors very often assess the damage caused to cargo or equipment during transportation.
Surveyor companies check a huge share of cargo in the volume of world trade. Regarding our field of activity, independent survey companies after inspections determine the quantity and quality of goods, as well as the availability of vehicles for transportation. Such inspections are necessary for the transfer of ownership of cargo, and help determine at what stage shortages or damage to cargo could occur. We want to note once again that the surveyor is an independent inspector, and in fact his conclusion is final in assessing the quantity and quality.